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  Frohlich, Burkhard

Concrete Architecture

80 страниц. 2011 год.
Approximately half of the new buildings today are made from concrete - it can be shaped, it is long-lasting and it is economical. Yet to work successfully with the material concrete the architect requires considerable technical expertise and experience. In this book some 12 European projects are presented, illustrating the wide spectrum of applications for concrete in construction and proving that concrete is more than just a functional material which depending on the composition and processing can fulfil the most diverse requirements. Examples such as the Art Museum Liechtenstein by Meinrad Morger + Heisi Degelo, and the Museum PasquArt by Diener & Diener prove concrete can also fulfil aesthetic demands. Full details, plans and colour illustrations are provided. The final part of the book includes detailed practical information on using and manufacturing concrete, new applications and the composition of the material. An index completes the volume.
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