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Lighting System In Interior Design for Modern administration buildings   Sara El Hawary

Lighting System In Interior Design for Modern administration buildings

96 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Light is the medium that makes visual perception possible. The main source of light is the sun ,it provides us with deferent tones of light during the day. We experience our environment first and foremost through our eyes. 80 percent of the sensory impressions we receive are visual. Too much or too little light, glare or distorted colors impact on what we perceive, distract our attention and cause visual fatigue. As our work world becomes increasingly service-oriented, more and more people work in office or workstation environments. In addition to the buildings we classify as office buildings, most nonresidential buildings have a significant office area or function. Because office environments have become so pervasive, typical lighting design solutions in these settings have become simplistic and formulaic in nature. The prevalence of the speculative, multitenant office building has been a major factor in the growing reliance on generic solutions because they must accommodate...
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