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Restiching Lincoln as a Liminal Place   Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad and Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad

Restiching Lincoln as a Liminal Place

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Lincoln in the United Kingdom is divided into uphill and downhill Lincoln; there are segregated by both natural and artificial divisions such as the Lincoln Brayford pool, the Lincoln steep-hill, class division, Lincoln train tracks and so on. Segregrations have a history of turning into crisis in some major cities. Therefore, precedent studies from different places around the world were explored, to improve social sustainability in Lincoln. A literature review, observations along with interviews were conducted as part of a strategic methodology to restitch Lincoln as a Liminal place. A Post-modern approach (Liminality) was used to enable the application of an architectural solution towards restitching Lincoln uphill and downhill. This book can help planners and designers to improve social sustainability within a given set-up using the notion of Liminality.
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