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Airport Interiors   Melahat Kucukarslan Emiroglu

Airport Interiors

308 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is an inquiry on airports regarding their values and potentialities as a medium for intercultural communication. This issue is taken as an interior design problem, implicitly, questioning significations of airports during spatial experience. In order to understand the meaning of airports in spatial experience of today’s individual, the book encompasses a comprehensive survey of theoretical approaches towards the transformations in spatial experience in relation with contemporary technological developments. The meaning of airport is firstly questioned by the concept ‘place’ and marked typical elements and images that cause airports as an exemplification of non-place. Secondly the meaning is investigated by the concept ‘transition’ and defined as an ‘intercultural transit space’ and ‘in-between culture / space’. The book proposes intercultural code model to be valued as a tool for interior design and ends up with a discussion of a case study conducted in Turkey.
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