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RECOGNITION OF URBAN RIVER AREAS   Amin Saeidian and Mohamad Ahmadizadeh


64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today, the existence of natural elements such as sky, mountain, jungles, coastal area, untouched natural zones, water, and deserts have brought many meaningful ideas to the minds of the urban designers and city dwellers. The importance of these elements lies in the fact that they are free from tension, busyness and mental pressure, which are the gifts of civilization to human being. Dez River can be a potential tourism attractor to entertain people and can decrease the stress of living in a city. It, also, can have a beautiful view and boost the quality of life. With the acceleration of urbanization, the functions of urban rivers are gradually weakened. The river channels are buried and the urban characteristics are lost. When we are designing urban river ecological landscapes, ecological concepts need to be introduced and the strategy of sustainable development needs to be adopted for the regulating of rivers. This book analyzes the current situation of urban river ecological...
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