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Disaster Relief: A Psychological Approach to Temporary Housing   Colleen McDonough

Disaster Relief: A Psychological Approach to Temporary Housing

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There are many aid organizations in the world providing post-disaster care. There are even more opinions about how the care should be administered. Food and clean water are non-negotiable, but the issue of shelter is often a great source of controversy. A portion of the debate is rooted in what type of shelter is preferable after a natural disaster. Typically, people live in temporary housing for a period of time longer than initially intended. The current opinion of many non-government organizations (NGOs) is to skip the temporary housing phase of recovery and move straight into building permanent public infrastructure. This proposition seems ideal, but becomes problematic in execution for those in inadequate situations while politicians debate infrastructure improvements. Temporary housing after a disaster is something that is going to develop whether or not NGOs authorize it. A type of temporary housing that can adapt to its inhabitants is needed. A house that is able to arrive...
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