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Urban Habitat   Yujin Park

Urban Habitat

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
“They look different from us. Their size is different from us. They speak completely different language.” It is not about aliens from outer space but about Animals and Humans. No person is too old or ugly or disabled or incompetent to win the love of animals. Animals are uncritically accepting, give love completely and openly, and are loyal at all times under any circumstances. They become one in relationship with us not as an ‘owner-property’ but rather a ‘family’ or a ‘best friend’. This relationship between animals and humans can only be explained as love that keeps on giving without asking for anything in return-the unconditional love. This dissertation has been started to find a way of repaying for that love, since humans including myself had received so much more love from them than what we are capable of giving. It is not to design a conventional ‘shelter’ or ‘adoption center’ but to design a loving home for the animals and to find a way to close the back door* forever. ...
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