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Design and Drawing For Multistoried Apartments   Mukesh Kumar Lalji

Design and Drawing For Multistoried Apartments

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Housing problem is becoming acute day by day and the valuable urban land is shorting at a very fast rate with the growing demand of increasing population. The conventional low rise development cannot meet the rising demand of more number of dwelling units per unit area so the only solution is high rise development with enough open spaces around the buildings for proper light and ventilation.High rise buildings to accomodate a higher density of the higher income group has been provided.The scheme provides for luxurious flats in a pleasant setting of wide open spaces and greenery.The infrastructural requirements of such buildings like proper light & ventilation,services,green spaces,parking.The bye- laws are required to safe guard the public interest,The Urban & Rural Ministry as well as The municipal corporations has proposed such bye-laws regarding parking,garbage disposal,water sanitation,drainage,landscape &Water harvesting system.
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