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Cracking the ACT 2014   Theodore Silver, Geoff Martz, Kim Magloire

Cracking the ACT 2014

College Test Preparation
215x275 624 страниц. 2013 год.
Princeton Review
Inside the Book: All the Practice & Strategies You Need: - 2 full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations. - Over 500 total practice test and drill questions. - Specific strategies for tackling every question type. - Comprehensive content review for all five sections of the ACT. - End-of-chapter drills to help you put your learning into practice. - Proven techniques like Process of Elimination and Personal Order of Difficulty to help raise your score. Exclusive Access to More Practice and Resources Online: - 1 additional full-length practice test. - Instant score reports, score trends, a breakdown of how well you did on each section, and tips for improvement. - Interactive, click-through lessons for each section of the ACT. - Tons of next-step-to-college resources, including detailed school profiles, Top 10 ranking lists, and admissions & financial aid info.
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