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  Ferre, Albert

Verb Matters

280 страниц. 2011 год.
Verb Matters takes a look at the formal and material possibilities within current construction methods. Our starting point is the present context of the information era, typified by extensive data processing, global networking and an increasingly blurred distinction between natural matter and artificial technology. First, Verb Matters reflects the actual result of the more sophisticated ideas applied to the shaping of buildings. Next, it attempts to address the growing possibilities of current technology: a living, built, artificial matter that processes information and interacts with natural beings. Having arrived at the limits of the foreseeable, we return to the contemporary world with a greater sense of what is possible. What can we really build? That's the main aspect of this survey. Featured works in this issue: Diller-Scofidio: Blur Building; Jrgen Mayer H.: Corridor and Stadthaus Scharnhauser Park; OMA: Material research for the Prada stores; Toyo Ito: Sendai Mediatheque and...
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