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  Knittel-Ammerschuber, Susanne

Architecture: the Element of Success

179 страниц. 2011 год.
The focus of businesses today is more than ever on transparency, flexibility, openness, and the ability to communicate, values that must also be reflected in a company’s architecture. Only those who clearly define their own objectives and values and take them into account in their building projects convey a coherent and unified image to the outside world, thus enhancing their business’s attractiveness to customers, employees, and investors. An architecture that seeks to communicate the company’s values makes entirely new demands on planning and design.Architecture: the Element of Success traces the many and varied points of contact between modern management and corporate architecture and demonstrates methods and approaches that businesses can use to give architectural expression to their philosophy. The book supports architects in the effort to point out to businesspeople architectural design areas that will assist them in the pursuit of their individual objectives, and it presents...
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