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American Policy (Cultural)   Roopa Bharat

American Policy (Cultural)

88 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This thesis, while taking me entirely too long to complete, could not have happened without the support from others. I would first like to thank my parents, for if it wasn''t for their support and constant chiding I would never have finished. I know it took seven years, but its finally done. Thanks to Deborah Leslie for allowing me use the questionnaire data from the survey she designed and sent out. Thanks to Anthony Golden for giving me the data set and starting me on my research path. Thanks to Mark Dilan and Ruta Parn for their input and their assistance in finishing in that final last minute rush. Special thanks to Mike Lee for your constant support and guidance. Your energy, creativity, and brilliance, not only aided me in my thesis development, but helped in my development, both professional and personal. Thanks to my entire family for the encouragement.
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