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USA   Wright Gwendolyn


320 страниц. 2008 год.
Reaktion Books
Since the turn of the twentieth century, the American built landscape has epitomised modernity. From towering skyscrapers, movie theatres, theme parks, shopping malls and factories, to mass-produced, moderate-cost housing, both iconic and generic examples of American architecture have become quintessential images of modern life. In this new volume in the Modern Architectures in History Series, Gwendolyn Wright contends that American modern architecture is not merely a branch of the European Modernism brought across the Atlantic Ocean with European emigres, but rather an exciting hybrid of cultures, sensibilities and style. From the neo-Gothic aftermath of the American Civil War to the Art Deco that flourished in the 1920s, to postmodernism and the major new projects of today, Wright investigates how each movement reflects the social and political issues of its time. She takes full account of how architects in the US have had to share their domain with clients, financiers and...
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