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Antony Gaudi   Cristina Montes and Aurora Cuito

Antony Gaudi

155x160 192 страниц. 2004 год.
H Kliczkowski-Onlybook
"On the afternoon of June 7, 1926, a distracted old man, immersed in his thoughts, was wandering around Barcelona. At the corner of Gran Via and Bailen Street, he was struck by a tram. The victim carried no documentation in his jacket, making it impossible to identify him. Though he was still breathing, he was badly hurt and covered with blood. He lay on the ground next to the tracks. Mistaken for a beggar, the dying old man was transported by ambulance to Hospital de la Santa Creu, where all the city's vagabonds and poor people were taken. Three days after being admitted to the hospital, the old man died from the fatal blow, in a small and empty room. Antoni Gaudi had passed away. The day of the funeral, Saturday the 12th of June, was a sad day for the numerous residents of Barcelona that followed the silent procession through the city from Hospital de la Santa Creu to the Sagrada Familia, where his crypt was buried, a temple also known as the "cathedral of the poor". ...
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