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IELTS Express: Intermediate: Speaking Skills  

IELTS Express: Intermediate: Speaking Skills

2006 год.
IELTS EXPRESS is a two-level IELTS exam preparation series. Level one covers the IELTS band 4-5.5, providing a low entry-point for students wishing to prepare for IELTS. IELTS Express is designed to be used with both short courses of 30-40 hours, but can also be extended to up to 90 hours by using supporting materials, such as the Workbook and the Teacher's Guide. - The ideal choice for short preparation courses of 30-40 hours, and can easily be extended for courses up to 90 hours by selecting from supplementary materials. - A complete Practice Test helping with preparation for the exam. - Eight topic-based units covering typical IELTS themes. - In The Exam sections - detailed information on each part of the exam. - For This Task sections - key task types and suggestions on how to approach them. - Express Tips section - useful things to remember when taking the exam. Video on DVD.
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