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Reading & Writing: Targets 1: Teacher's Book   Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley

Reading & Writing: Targets 1: Teacher's Book

210x275 48 страниц. 2011 год.
Express Publishing
Reading & Writing Targets 1, for learners of English at CEF level A1.2, provides systematic development of students' reading and writing skills. The book consists of 17 units and is planned to be taught in 20-25 teaching hours. The topics of the units have been carefully selected to appeal to and motivate learners. Each unit begins with a text, based on a real-life communicative situation, which not only develops reading skills but also serves as a model for the students' own written work. A variety of reading skills - skimming for overall understanding, scanning, predicting a topic from visual prompts or clues, reconstructing a text, inferring, recognising word equivalences, jigsaw reading, etc - are introduced, taught and practised to help learners read more effectively in English. The exercises that follow are specially chosen to expand learners' passive and active vocabulary and feed them with ideas which can be used by learners in their writing projects. Grammar...
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