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Sempe: Sunny Spells   Jean-Jacques Sempe

Sempe: Sunny Spells

104 страниц. 2006 год.
Phaidon Press
Jean-Jacques Sempe is one of the most successful and best-loved cartoonists in the world, best known from his cartoons that have graced the covers and pages of the New Yorker for decades. Sempe has published numerous collections of his work in his native France, but never before have they been translated into English. Phaidon Press is delighted to present the first English translated publication of Sunny Spells by Jean-Jacques Sempe, one of four witty and beautifully illustrated collections from this notorious and widely adored cartoonist. Originally published in France in 1999, Sunny Spells explores a wide range of topics, from troubled relationships and existential crises to office politics and doping scandals in the literary world. Sempe's cast of characters includes pious churchgoers, amateur painters and lovelorn paleontologists, as well as psychiatrists, actors and football supporters. In the spirit of (celebrity) book clubs, one image portrays three very pleased-looking...
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