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Market Leader Pre-Intermediate: Test File   Lewis Lansford

Market Leader Pre-Intermediate: Test File

210x295 44 страниц. 2012 год.
Pearson Longman
MARKET LEADER TEST FILE has been completely revised and updated for use with the MARKET LEADER: PRE-INTERMEDIATE COURSE BOOK. Essential business content and skills: - Critical business issues of our time: topics include work and leisure, travel and the web. - Case studies in each Course Book unit for real practice of key business skills. Choice and Flexibility: - The wide range of components support teachers and offer choice and flexibility. - The Test File provides 6 photocopiable tests - an entry test, 4 progress tests, and an exit test. It includes sections which follow the format of the Cambridge ВЕС exams. - Find out more about the course and access resources such as topic-related links for every unit. Receive new ready-made lessons every week when you subscribe to the MARKET LEADER PREMIER SITE.
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