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Motivate! Level 3: Student's Book (+ CD-ROM)   Patrick Howarth, Patricia Reilly

Motivate! Level 3: Student's Book (+ CD-ROM)

215x275 128 страниц. 2010 год.
Macmillan Education
Motivate! is a four-level well-balanced course for secondary school students. There is a sensible paced approach to teaching grammar, vocabulary, pronunication and the four skills, with an emphasis on mixed abilities. Key Features: Thorough grammar teaching with practice in written and oral contexts. Engaging and age-appropriate reading texts and tasks. Regular listening exercises enhance students' communicative competence. Well-structured and well-modelled methods for the teaching and practising of the productive skills (speaking and writing) lead to frequent opportunities for personalisation. Strong culture and CLIL features in every unit accompany lots of real-world content. A wealth of support features and tips (e.g. learning strategies and common errors) make the learning experience more memorable and effective.
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