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Pietre Dure and the Art of Florentine Inlay   Annamaria Giusti

Pietre Dure and the Art of Florentine Inlay

255x330 264 страниц. 2007 год.
Thames and Hudson Limited
From the ancient history of decorative stonework comes a very special artistic phenomenon, and this richlv illustrated, large-format book tells its fascinating story. The phenomenon is pietredure, or polychrome hardstone inlay, which resurfaced in Rome in the sixteenth century, within the context of the artistic flowering of the Italian Renaissance. Rome, where art took its inspiration from the cult of antiquity, fell in love with the evocative power of hardstones. Tabletops were covered in stones, inlaid into delicate floral panels or shining out from ovals of opalescent alabaster. From Rome, pietredure spread to Florence, where the Medici family founded a prestigious workshop in 1588, dedicated to the production of hardstone works using materials such as coral, garnet, jasper and lapis lazuli. The art flourished for three centuries, thanks to the virtuoso skills of the finest craftsmen. Other workshops were founded at the Court of Rudolf II in Prague, and the Court of Louis...
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