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Oxford Sketchbook   Roger White

Oxford Sketchbook

290x250 96 страниц. 2005 год.
Editions Didier Millet
Oxford, with its golden skyline of towers, spires, domes and turrets set against lush water meadows and hills, was considered by the poet Keats the finest city in the world. Artist Graham Byfield strolls with his sketchpad through college gateways, quadrangles and gardens, along broad streets and narrow alleyways, into great ceremonial buildings and medieval pubs full of character. On the way, with a few pencil strokes and splashes of watercolour, he captures passing scenes of student and civic life enacted before one of the finest architectural backdrops in the world. All of England's architectural styles are well represented in Oxford, and indeed in many of the individual colleges, choice examples of Gothic, Georgian and Classical buildings are closely packed together. In few cities in the world can such an array of architectural treasures be viewed within so compact an area, ideally suited to the visitor on foot. Accompanying the paintings and sketches are observations...
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