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Eyes of the Ancestors   Schefold Reimar| Alpert Steven G.| Ellis George| De Jonge Nico| Kedit Vernon| Sibeth Achim| Waterson

Eyes of the Ancestors

265 страниц. 2013 год.
"Eyes of the Ancestors" takes an in-depth look at the Dallas Museum of Art's world-renowned collection of artworks from Island Southeast Asia. Beautiful photography and essays by distinguished scholars unlock the magic of the island cultures of Indonesia, Sarawak, and East Timor. Leading ethnographer Reimar Schefold introduces these texts, which investigate various indigenous art forms from a fresh perspective. They describe the contexts, purposes, and aesthetic influences of a range of objects, from intricately woven sacred and ceremonial textiles to carved ancestor figures. Also featured are gold and metalwork designs as well as weaponry and jewellery, some dating back more than a hundred years. A 19th-century mouth mask in the collection, from the Leti Islands, is one of only three known to be in existence. Carved in the shape of a bird's head and embellished with boar tusks and buffalo horns, this wooden mask was used in ritual dances. Other spectacular examples from the...
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