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Arts Culture Public Space   Carlen Abigail

Arts Culture Public Space

208 страниц. 2014 год.
With a legacy stretching from 1962, H3 is a collaborative community of professionals founded in 2004. The firm has created a number of active public spaces that have enhanced the fabric and culture of many communities. Theatres for clients such as the Lincoln Center and the Brooklyn Academy of Music carefully incorporate different design elements to create a new theatre experience and attract a variety of audience. Library projects Harrison and BRIT translate mission values and transform communities, while the practice's public space projects are sympathetically designed to be both on a human scale and encourage social interaction. The practice has also been awarded for their work in the corporate, academic, residential and commercial sectors. Its commitment to communities has made sustainability – environmental, economic, and social – a key factor in its design approach, with more than 70 per cent of the staff being LEED accredited. This dedication to community is perhaps best...
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