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Third Typology and Other Essays   Vilder Anthony

Third Typology and Other Essays

288 страниц. 2014 год.
"The Third Typology and Other Essays" comprises a collection of Anthony Vidler's writings, opening with his 1976 editorial for Oppositions, "The Third Typology". Looking at theory and design from 1965 through to today, Vidler analyses changing ideas in the theory and history of architecture through a wide selection of essays and extracts from sources such as Oppositions, The Princeton Journal, Beaux-Arts, Skyline, and Artforum. Included among this selection of essays is a section dedicated to the Ledoux Museum he designed for the Saline de Chaux, France. Other publications by Vidler include "Claude-Nicolas Ledoux: Architecture and Social Reform at the End of the Ancient Regime" which won the Society of Architectural Historians' Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award, "The Architectural Uncanny: Essays in the Modern Unhomely" and "Warped Space: Architecture and Anxiety in Modern Culture", "Histories of the Immediate Present: Inventing Architectural Modernism", and "James Frazer Stirling: Notes...
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