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Small   Turner Carl


144 страниц. 2013 год.
Carl Turner Architects was formed in 2006, and has established a reputation for high impact, low cost architecture. The practice works with a diverse range of clients including small non-profit and arts organisations, the creative industries, private residential, developers and commercial end users. Philosophies central to the firm's work are a belief in place-making and architecture's being both process and product. Their concerns encompass the mechanisms or organisations which produce both buildings and the spaces between, and how they can work with and influence them to produce an improved built environment. Both playful and experimental, the practice enjoys analysing and re-addressing the use of spaces, materials, structures, scale and landscapes, often creating unexpected outcomes. Internally, they are interested in the user and the psychology of space. Externally, emotional influences such as materiality, colour, and shape prevail. This desire to experiment is embodied by Slip...
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