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Ready For FCE: Upper-Intermediate: Teacher's Book   Hilary Thompson, Roy Norris, Andrew Jurascheck

Ready For FCE: Upper-Intermediate: Teacher's Book

Macmillan Exams
210x295 232 страниц. 2013 год.
Macmillan Education
READY FOR FCE is a comprehensive course which offers thorough preparation for the Cambridge First Certificate in English examination. All four skills are systematically developed and practised in each unit, while in-depth exam training is given in the form of regular 'What to expect in the exam' and 'How to go about it' help boxes. This step-by-step approach ensures that students will be fully prepared and confident when sitting the First Certificate exam. Key features of the teacher's book: Complete answer key and listening scripts for the Coursebook; Complete answer key for the Workbook; Suggestions on how to use the Coursebook in class; Advice on coping with exam tasks; Sample answers for writing tasks with marks and comments; Photocopiable vocabulary exercises to complement the Coursebook; Five photocopiable progress tests; Photocopiable final test in FCE format.
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