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Life: The Classic Collection  

Life: The Classic Collection

260x360 144 страниц. 2008 год.
A New Kind of Book Including 25 Removable Prints Suitable for Framing. Quite often a Life book will, in words and particularly in pictures, tell a narrative tale. It will also surprise and delight the reader with rarely or never-before seen photos - images that, when we came upon them here in the office, delighted and surprised even us. This is not that kind of book. It is an entirely new and exciting kind of Life book. You have almost certainly seen many if not most of the photographs to be presented in these pages. They include our most famous or beautiful images. All of the ones you might want to revisit are here in this collection of 100 Classics: the sailor kissing the nurse, Madonna kissing her own image, MacArthur coming ashore, Jackie Robinson coming round third base, the Fab Four in a swimming pool, the Mercury Seven in their spacesuits, Lady Di on her wedding day, Jackand Jackie on his inauguration day, the fearsome monkey rising out of the water, the...
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