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More! Level 2: Teacher's Book   Cheryl Pelteret, Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks

More! Level 2: Teacher's Book

210x295 96 страниц. 2013 год.
Cambridge University Press, Helbling Languages
MORE! is a four-level course for lower-secondary students. Each level contains twelve units and provides 80-90 hours of classwork. Level 1 has an 18-page starter section that offers students dual entry to suit students who may not have done English at primary level. MORE! takes students from beginner to intermediate level and is ideal for mixed-ability classes. The course that offers a wealth of learning opportunities: - MORE! multimedia components - CD-ROM, Testbuilder CD-ROM, DVDs and online materials; - MORE! CLIL (Cross-curricular learning) in subjects such as Math, Geography, Music, Science and Information Technology with dedicated "Learn MORE through English" pages in the Student's Book; - MORE! reading with dedicated "Read MORE for pleasure" pages in the Student's Book; - MORE! writing with "Writing for your Portfolio" sections in every unit of the Student's Book; - MORE! speaking with extra communicative activities in the Teacher's...
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