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Angelika Platen: Artists   Gunter Engelhard, Thomas Hettche

Angelika Platen: Artists

2010 год.
Walter De Maria lies prone on an airport runway, brilliantly white cuffs emerging from his pebbled blazer, his fingertips just touching the edge of the white line that races, in perfect perspectival convergence, toward infinity. Hanne Darboven stands before her wall of time-writings in a high-necked top and pixie haircut. Robert Smithson stands, somewhat sullen, visible from the ribs up in an oblique mirror suspended among the limbs of a tree. These photographs of artists from the twentieth and early twenty-first century are the work of Angelika Platen (born 1942). Marked with a tremendous intimacy and wisdom, each portrait is executed with a careful eye toward texture, shape and mood, capturing both the personality and the work of the subject; they are kin, in their inventiveness, to Annie Leibovitz's most memorable compositions. Essays by Gunter Engelhard and Thomas Hettche round out this volume of 140 black-and-white tributes to art in action and in repose.
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