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Polaroids   by (photographer) Diego Uchitel


240 страниц. 2012 год.
The look of a Polaroid influenced my work immenselyas their colourations and depth have apainterly and dreamlike quality, versus the realismthat an actual image does through the camera'slens. They have a magical appearance, as theydeliver less intensity in colouration and pigmentationsthen fi lm does.The time period where Polaroids were the basis ofmy work was from 1982 – 2006, before the digitalera became an unavoidable replacement.The work in the book is a selection of my favoriteimagery stemming from a combination of bothpersonal and commercial efforts spanning 25years. My approach to either was universal in thatmy strength is in lighting and composition, whichwas enhanced by the Polaroid's attributes.This book is momentous for me as seeing a compilationof the body of my work is extremely emotional.The integrity that comes with a Polaroid- in that it cannot be retouched or manipulatedto the degree that digital photography can be – isa principle that I apply to all areas of my life....
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