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Cuba   by (photographer) Andrew Moore


128 страниц. 2012 год.
Between 1998 and 2002 Andrew Moore traveledto Cuba eight times: with each trip he dug a littledeeper into the unique characteristics of this extraordinaryisland. Working with an 8x10 cameraand with the requisite patience, Moore was determinedto depict this country from the inside out.The results were a series of poignant interiors thatdisplay the changing fortunes of the Cuban nationover its five hundred year history. These magnificentinteriors will form the core of the newlyrevised book.In addition to these well-known interior views, the new book will also include portraits, landscapes andother views that hint at changes coming to this island nation. One of the themes introduced in thisversion will be the contrast between the frayed patinas of Cuban homes versus the great-unspoiledbeauty of the island's nature itself. The book's overall structure mirrors this sense of Cuba's duality:from its isolation and self-containment the country has developed along an identity apart from...
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