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DELTA Fantastic Flyers: Teacher's Book   Lambert V.

DELTA Fantastic Flyers: Teacher's Book

2008 год.
Fantastic Flyers is an activity-based course suitable for 11 to 13 year olds that that is ideal for preparation for the Cambridge ESOL YLE Flyers test. It provides over 80 hours of classroom work and makes learning English and preparing for the test fun! Fantastic Flyers is ideal preparation for the Cambridge ESOL YLE Flyers test as well as being an excellent course for any young learner. The Pupil’s Book provides a variety of stories and activities all of which are based on the topics within the Cambridge ESOL YLE Flyers Test and are suitable for children of this age group. The Activity Book provides further class practice, home or individual work, games, quizzes, puzzles and other practical activities as well as self assessment activities which demonstrate what pupils can now do. The Teacher’s Book provides detailed lesson notes and photocopiable extra resource material. With full lesson plans, ideas for warm ups and extension activities, tips on preparing pupils for the test; a...
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