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Natalia Goncharova: Between East and West  

Natalia Goncharova: Between East and West

250x330 440 страниц. 2013 год.
State Tretyakov Gallery
This publication is timed to a retrospective exhibition of Natalia Goncharova, one of the most prominent artists of the Russian avant-garde of early 20th century. Articles of Russian and foreign experts are consecrated to various aspects of Goncharova's creativity: painting, theatre, fashion, book illustrations. Special reports examined the relationship scenes pictures and their plastic language, analyse the influence of German Expressionism on her art. A detailed chronicle encompasses the Russian and Parisian life periods of Goncharova and includes the most important events: exhibitions, theatre performances, meetings with artists. The supporting material includes lists of publications illustrated by the artist, and designature as of her performances. The exhibition and the album feature many works of Goncharova previously unpublished and unknown to specialists and the general public, from Russian and foreign museums and private collections, rare archival photographs.
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