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World Wonders 3: Workbook   Lee Coveney

World Wonders 3: Workbook

210x290 96 страниц. 2011 год.
Heinle Cengage Learning
Bring the world of English language learning to life through breathtaking images and fascinating facts which interest and stimulate students. Teach them about the world we live in, its people, its customs and its wonders. World Wonders 3: Workbook accompanies World Wonders 3: Student's Book. Full-colour pages with lively illustrations and captivating National Geographic photography will motivate students. The Workbook's clear and simple format means that it can be used at home as well as in class. Key features: - A wide variety of tasks that consolidate the vocabulary and grammar presented in the Student's Book - Speaking tasks that encourage communication - Say it like this! sections that practise functional language - A focus on the writing sub skills taught in the Student's Book - Reviews featuring non-fiction reading texts inspired by National Geographic content - Crossword puzzles that consolidate key vocabulary presented in the units.
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