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The World's Most Influential Painters... and the Artists They Inspired   David Gariff

The World's Most Influential Painters... and the Artists They Inspired

220x265 192 страниц. 2008 год.
Herbert Press
This fascinating book provides a unique and accessible introduction to the history of art by examining the hidden connections between 50 extraordinary artists who have established or redefined movements and traditions. For each artist, you will find out who and what were their main sources of inspiration, from other major artists to cultural and political influences. Key works are examined in detail, looking at their defining characteristics, innovative features and lasting impact on future generations of artists and designers. Themed "family trees" reveal connections between artists and movements from different eras, such as Idealists, Realists, Naturalists, Expressionists and others, and clearly show how the different threads of influence and inspiration have become woven into a rich tapestry of Western art.
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