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Selected Stories by D. H. Lawrence: Pre-Intermediate Level   D. H. Lawrence

Selected Stories by D. H. Lawrence: Pre-Intermediate Level

Macmillan Readers
130x195 96 страниц. 2013 год.
Macmillan Education
THE VIRGIN AND THE GIPSY. When a handsome gipsy visits the home of Yyvette Saywell, it will change the way she sees herself and her life, forever. THE LOVELY LADY. Pauline lives with her son Robert and her niece Ciss, in a beautiful house. One day Ciss hears Pauline talking to herself, and learns of secrets which will change alt their lives. THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER. Hester has a husband, a fine house and three beautiful children, but she isn't happy. She needs money. Then Hester's son Paul discovers a strange way to answer his mother's wishes. LOVE AMONG THE HAYSTACKS. Two brothers, Geoffrey and Maurice, are both in love with Paula. The situation leads to unhappiness and fighting. Then one rainy night, a woman called Lydia enters Geoffrey's life. Notes about the life of D.H.Lawrence. Extra grammar and vocabulary exercises. Points for Understanding comprehension questions. Glossary of difficult vocabulary. Free...
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