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Rossetti: Colour Library   David Rodgers

Rossetti: Colour Library

Phaidon Colour Library
225x305 128 страниц. 1996 год.
Phaidon Press
Dante Gabriel Rossetti produced some of the most glittering and evocative images of the Victorian era. A member of the influential Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Rossetti found inspiration in the writings of Dante, Shakespeare and Malory, with many of his paintings depicting scenes from Arthurian legend and tales of medieval chivalry. He was also an accomplished poet, whose verses frequently dealt with the same themes as his paintings. A notorious womanizer, Rossetti immortalized the women in his life, particularly his wife and pupil, Elizabeth Siddal, who died of an overdose in 1862, and later Jane Morris, with whom he was in love. Representing them as Beatrice, Mary Magdalene and Helen of Troy, among others, Rossetti created a new ideal of female beauty, far removed from the more traditional aesthetic of the day. His brilliant use of colour and his originality of vision have ensured his reputation as one of the most gifted painters of the 19th century.
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