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The Best Loved Villages of France   Stephane Bern

The Best Loved Villages of France

200x250 256 страниц. 2014 год.
Flammarion, Flammarion
France is the top tourist destination -I in the world and this volume invites readers on an illustrated voyage to discover its most beautiful villages. This insiders tour uncovers the countrys hidden treasures and idyllic holiday destinations, presenting forty-four of its most prized locations that are representative of every region of France-from mountains to valleys, from windswept coastlines to verdant meadows and forests. Visit a crumbling medieval fortress in Lavardin, stroll around the windsurfers paradise of the bay at Wissant or the manicured grounds of the chateau of Vaux-le-Vicomte, enjoy a fresh langoustine dinner in the Corsican village of Piana, or catch the sunrise over the fairy-tale castle in Montsoreau. Being a villager is a way of life that perfectly combines conviviality and simplicity, from a boules tournament in the shade of plane trees, to a fishing party on the bank of a river, or conversations in the local cafe over a ptit blanc glass of wine. In a...
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