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Wong & Ouyang: Blueprints for Hong Kong  

Wong & Ouyang: Blueprints for Hong Kong

The Master Architect
180 страниц. 2008 год.
Images Publishing Group
As one of the world's great cities, Hong Kong has many faces. To scholars and journalists, it was long the best place to play "China watcher". To the business and financial community, Hong Kong remains one of the best places in the world to make money. To artists, writers and filmmakers, the city's colourful history and dramatic beauty have provided inspiration and vivid settings for art, books and movies. To tourists, it is a shopper's paradise with great restaurants and magnificent harbour views. - Judy Lu Kestell and Harold Meinheil. A great city does not just appear out of nowhere. Behind and beyond the skyline and the tourist attractions, people from all parts of China and the world have worked together to overcome daunting internal obstacles and external forces. In architecture, Wong & Ouyang has been an important contributor to that immense effort. The publication of this book, Wong & Ouyang - Blueprints for Hong Kong on the occasion of its 50th anniversary is a fitting tribute...
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