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Speaking: B2: Upper-Intermediate (+ CD)   Nicola Prentis

Speaking: B2: Upper-Intermediate (+ CD)

Collins English for Life
185x245 128 страниц. 2014 год.
HarperCollins Publishers
English for Life: Speaking B2+ will improve your spoken English in a variety of everyday situations and contexts. You can use Speaking B2+ in the classroom as supplementary material for a general English course, or it is also suitable for self-study. o Speaking B2+ will help you develop your communication skills in different areas, including: - showing tact, interest, confidence, support, excitement, annoyance, scepticism and sarcasm, - handling negotiations, awkward conversations and communication problems, - exchanging complex information, - admitting and denying things, - persuading people, - making yourself heard, - talking about money, complaining about a bad day, and sharing gossip. Speaking B2+ comprises a book and an MP3 audio CD. The book has 20 units. At the back of the book there is: - an appendix expanding on the Everyday language phrases from the units, offering R examples of real-life usage taken from...
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