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How Does Your Birmingham Grow?  

How Does Your Birmingham Grow?

260x260 110 страниц. 1972 год.
John Whybrow Limited
"How does your Birmingham grow?" is really a long-lost family album belonging to the people of this city. John Whybrow and his team are to be congratulated in gathering the material and publishing the book in such an attractive and enjoyable way. Birmingham is a famous place for inventing and making things. Perhaps because of this we are often too busy to reflect where we have come from or where we are going. This book stops us in our tracks. In particular I commend "How does your Birmingham grow?" to the young people of this city. In a few fleeting years they will hold the reigns of government. A knowledge of our yesterday will help them with their tormorrow. For older members of our community I am sure the photographs will bring back many happy memories of when their world too was young.
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