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The Toy   Larissa Solovieva

The Toy

Русский сувенир / Russian souvenir
120 страниц. 2002 год.
The Interbook Business Publishing House is publishing a series of art books "Russian Souvenir" in Russian, English, German, and French. There is a growing demand for many articles of the Russian folk and decorative arts and crafts, such as matryoshka and other dolls, samovars, Easter eggs, and painted wooden spoons in Russia and in other countries, too. Such articles are extremely popular as tourist souvenirs presenting the rich artistic traditions of the peoples of Russia, the current works of the contemporary craftsmen and professional artists. The books in the Russian Souvenir series present the works of folk art of the highest artistic value; This is especially important for the readers as the souvenir market is flooded with low-quality imitations. In addition to an introductory article each book includes about 150 full-color illustration, presenting remarkable exhibits from museums and private collections. Many of them are published for the first time.
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