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Государственный Русский музей. Альманах, №221, 2008. Vadim Grigoriev-Bashun  

Государственный Русский музей. Альманах, №221, 2008. Vadim Grigoriev-Bashun

Государственный Русский музей (альманах)
132 страниц. 2008 год.
Palace Editions, Государственный Русский музей
"It is rare to have an author whose poetics constantly contain a high-quality moment of inventiveness. Of course, there are plenty of technicians in the narrow sense: our last pavilion in the Venice Biennale in 2007, reminded one of a techno-park, moreover not one of the highest class. There are enough artists who are resourceful in marketing and who know to apportion to their aims all kinds of new technologies. But masters who can conceptualize the technological as metaphysical can be counted on one hand. Ortega у Gasset certainly wrote about them, discussing the concept of the 'author', starting from his genesis. An author as an 'auctor', one who expands and develops, at the expense of metaphor. And in turn, the creation of metaphor at the expense of instinct, impelling a person to run from all reality. There are few of this type of master. Really, there is Koleinichuk and Kosmachev, perhaps. But who else..." Alexander Borovsky Формат: 24,5 см x 22,5 см.
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