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Next Move 1: Active Teach DVD-ROM   Carolyn Barraclough, Katherine Stannett

Next Move 1: Active Teach DVD-ROM

Always Learning
2013 год.
Pearson Education
For teachers working with digital natives, the Active Teach software for Interactive Whiteboards will really help bring classes alive. This interactive version of the class materials will allow you to: focus students' attention on the task in hand and keep their heads up and out of their books in class; clarify instructions and the mechanics of activities quickly and efficiently; complete exercises and check answers in a fun and motivating way; make sure that weaker students do not fall behind or get lost during the class; access all the multimedia resources with a few simple clicks; select and print worksheets from the Teacher's Resource File; plan work and keep track of individual students' progress. This powerful and flexible tool provides everything needed for the fully digital classroom and in such a way that even the most peripatetic digital tourist teacher will be able to use it with...
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