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Opportunities Pre-intermediate: Test Book (+ CD)  

Opportunities Pre-intermediate: Test Book (+ CD)

210x295 56 страниц. 2014 год.
Pearson Education Limited
There are ten tests in listening comprehension. They test the listening strategies practised in the corresponding modules in the Students' Book. There are ten tests in speaking. The paired format (two students and a teacher) of the speaking tests aims to offer students the opportunity to demonstrate, in a controlled but friendly atmosphere, their ability to use their spoken language skills effectively. The collaborative tasks make it possible for the teacher to elicit an adequate sample of their students' best language and to provide an accurate and fair assessment of it. Therefore, students should be able to provide full but natural answers to the questions and to speak clearly and audibly at all times. They should not be afraid to ask for clarification if they have not understood what has been said. There are ten tests in writing. They all relate closely to the topics in the Students' Book Modules and are based on the Writing Helps at the back of the Students' Book. The...
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