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Inspiration: Level 3: Student's Book   Judy Garton-Sprenger, Philip Prowse

Inspiration: Level 3: Student's Book

210x295 128 страниц. 2006 год.
Macmillan Education
INSPIRATION is a motivating and sophisticated four course which takes teenagers from beginner to intermediate level. It is a course that evolves with students, the topics reflecting teenagers' changing needs and interests. Topic-led syllabus A cross-curricular syllabus, informed by research in many secondary schools, offers a wealth of stimulating materials that are relevant to the students' lives. Special Culture lessons build cross-cultural awareness and encourage discussion. Clearly structured approach to grammar Grammar is presented through engaging texts and dialogues. Controlled practice then leads to fluency activities where students apply the grammar in communicative situations. Skills development Skills work is present throughout the book and in each unit there is a dedicated Integrated Skills lesson. A staged programme of tasks develops students' writing skills. Learner independence tasks also encourage students to 'learn how to...
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