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Jane's Warship Recognition Guide   Anthony J. Watts

Jane's Warship Recognition Guide

120x190 384 страниц. 2006 год.
The authoritative guide to the world's warships. The Jane's Recognition Guides are top-of-the-range and this guide to over 2,200 Warships is no exception. This is an essential for all naval and military enthusiasts. Using up-to-date photography and data from the world famous Jane's Fighting Ships, Jane's Warships Recognition Guide is the most authoritative naval reference guide from the defence experts available to the general public. In its popular compact and user-friendly format, it is now even easier to study warship types from around the globe, either out and about, at displays or at home. Whatever your level of interest or knowledge this book is indispensible, with composite diagrams at the front to help the less experienced find their way around any warship or submarine, to the detailed technical data and silhouette illustrations to help with horizon or sun backed views. Contents Foreword About this book Composite warship Types of warship masts Composite submarine Aircraft...
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