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Mit Power zu: Fit in Deutsch 2 (+ CD)   Sabine Werner

Mit Power zu: Fit in Deutsch 2 (+ CD)

195x265 96 страниц. 2008 год.
Monolingual edition. Aimed at middle and secondary school students, Mit Power zu Fit 1 and 2 prepare students for Fit in Deutsch 1 and Fit in Deutsch 2, respectively. These exams are devised by the examining body Goethe-Institut and correspond to levels A1 (Breakthrough) and A2 (Waystage) of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). The two volumes combine language teaching with exam preparation and can therefore also be used as a workbook to consolidate the students' knowledge of grammar, syntax and vocabulary. The volumes are accompanied by an audio CD, with recordings of the tracks related to the listening activities, and the solutions, available online. Features: 4 units each divided into 4 sections, one for each language skill: Listening (Horen), Reading (Lessen), Writing (Schreiben), Speaking (Sprechen); activities to give practice in the writing and speaking exam and activities to revise grammar and...
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