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Collins English for Business: Writing   Nick Brieger

Collins English for Business: Writing

Collins English for Business
190x245 128 страниц. 2011 год.
HarperCollins Publishers
Do you start an email and then don't know what to write next? Are you unsure what the right tone is for your audience? Would you like help with the structure of your written English? Collins English for Business: Writing will help you to write clearer business documents more efficiently. Easy-to-follow explanations and simple tasks will improve your writing style. You can choose to work on the units that are most relevant to you, or work through the whole book for a full course in business writing. Twenty 4-page units cover key areas such as varying tone, structuring documents and considering your audience; Models and examples provide key vocabulary and guidance; The real language of business English taken from the Cobuild corpus; Focus on the "soft skills" of communication such as getting your message across accurately and communicating effectively in intercultural environments.
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