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More! Level 1: Workbook  

More! Level 1: Workbook

210x295 96 страниц. 2014 год.
Cambridge University Press, Helbling Languages
MORE! Second edition is a four-ievel English course for lower secondary students. This new edition is bursting with added features and engaging multimedia components to capture young teenagers' imagination and help improve their learning. New in this edition: - Cartoon adventure stories progressing to literary texts across the levels to foster reading for pleasure. - Mini-projects in CLIL sections (cross-curricular learning), now an integral part of each lesson, inspire teenagers' natural curiosity. - A wealth of added practice with new dedicated grammar, vocabulary and skills sections. MORE! Second edition Level 1 offers 80-90 hours of teaching material over 12 units. This can be extended with a rich choice of digital components. Level 1 also includes an additional Starter section for complete beginners. MORE! Second edition Workbook Level 1 helps teenagers develop learning and exam skills. New dedicated 'Learning to Learn' sections with...
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